Short version:

I'm a computer geek :)

Longer version:

I began my programming journey with FoxPro and have since gained proficiency in various programming languages, including Basic, Pascal, Assembly, C/C++, Perl, PHP, Python, and more. Concurrently, I also delved into the realms of networking and network programming. Over time, my interests expanded to encompass Robotics, AI, and Image Processing projects.

Currently, my focus primarily revolves around Networking and Security. I predominantly write my programs using Rust, C/C++, or Python, and I find Vim to be my preferred text editor. As for coding style, I adhere to the Allman style. When it comes to operating systems, I favor Debian for servers and Ubuntu for clients in GNU/Linux distributions.

Residing in Germany, I possess fluency in German, English, and Persian. In my leisure time, I indulge in Photography and Playing Music, specifically the Piano and Guitar. Additionally, I engage in sports activities such as basketball and mountain biking. Some of my favorite musicians include Arash Behzadi, Rastaak, and Fariborz Lachini.

My motto is: Do it perfectly, even if it's not necessary!

You can reach me using nixoeen [at]

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My definition of "soon" could be different than yours ;)

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