Short version:

I'm a computer geek :)

Longer version:

I started programming with FoxPro, and as the time passed, I switched between different programming languages like Basic, Pascal, Assembly, C/C++, Perl, PHP, Python and many others. At the same time, I learned about networking as well as network programming. After a while, I started to learn and work on Robotics, AI and Image Processing projects.

At the moment, most of my projects are focused on Networking and Security. I mostly write my programs in C/C++ or Python, my favorite editor is Vim and my favorite indent style is Allman. My favorite GNU/Linux distributions are Debian on Servers and Ubuntu on Clients.

I'm living in Germany and I am fluent in German, English and Persian. My main hobbies are Photography and Playing Music (Piano and Guitar), and my side hobbies are playing Basketball and Cycling. My favorite musicians are: Arash Behzadi, Rastaak and Fariborz Lachini.

My Motto is: Do it perfectly, even if it's not necessary!

You can reach me using nixoeen [at]

This section would be updated soon!
My definition of "soon" could be different than yours ;)

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